SeekGene SeekOne DD Single Cell Immune Profiling Kit

Waren-Nr. PST3
8 Tests/Kit
Immune Profiling

Product Information

Reveal the immune specificity with complete V(D)J sequences

SeekOneDD single-cell immune profiling kit (5' transcriptome & immune repertoire sequencing), manufactured by Beijing SeekGene BioSciences Co., Ltd., achieves single-cell partitioning and labelling by the microfluidic system and barcoded beads. The library of both full-length TCR/BCR sequences and mRNA sequences can be constructed from a single sample, followed by high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis.

The SeekOne DD Single Cell Immune Profiling Kit includes the SeekOneDD Single Cell 5’ Transcriptome-seq Kit and the SeekOneDD TCR/BCR amplification Kit. With this kit, the full-length sequence of V(D)J, the pairing information of α chain (heavy chain) and β chain (light chain) of TCR(BCR) and the transcriptome information can be obtained simultaneously. It can be used to investigate T/B cell heterogeneity, TCR/BCR diversity, antigen specificity, vaccine development, immunetherapy screening, etc.

Core Technology


SeekOneDD single cell immune profiling products are based on the principle of microfluidic technology. Cells and barcoded beads are added separately and then reacted in the carrier oil to form emulsion droplets in the shaped channel. After capturing mRNA tagged with barcoded beads, two separate libraries (gene expression & immune repertoire) can be constructed from a single sample.

Product Features

Efficient capture
True alignment
One sample with two profiles


Step. 1
1. Sample transport
Step. 2
2. Tissue dissociation
Step. 3
3. Single cell separation and labeling
Step. 4
4. Library construction
Step. 5
5. NGS sequencing
Step. 6
6. Bioinformatic analysis


1-8 samples can be flexibly run at a time
500-12,000 cells can be captured with a single channel
150,000 emulsion droplets can be generated in 3 minutes
High cell capture rates of up to 65%
Doublet rate approximately 0.3% per 1000 cells
Cell aggregation rate<10%
Nucleated cell rate>70%
Cell lysis and labeling experiments within 2 hours of placing the sample on ice


SeekOne® DD Single Cell 5’ Transcriptome-seq Kit
SeekOne® DD TCR amplification Kit (Human), as needed
SeekOne® DD TCR amplification Kit (Mouse), as needed
SeekOne® DD BCR amplification Kit (Human), as needed
SeekOne® DD BCR amplification Kit (Mouse), as needed

Product name
SeekGene SeekOne DD Single Cell Immune Profiling Kit
SeekGene BioSciences Co., Ltd.
Catalog no.
K00501-08, for details please refer to product brochure
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



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